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“To Get My Coaching Business To 6 Figures I Followed This Step-by-Step Sequence”

… So Today I’m Revealing How I Do It

What is the most typical mistake in coaching business set up and the easiest way to avoid it just doing ______________ instead.
Why “searching for clients” attitude never works and how to make 5 figures a month implementing opposite, “contrarian” strategy.
Why nobody booked and most probably never will your “Free Coaching Session” and what to do instead ( ____________ ) to have steady supply of potential clients using paid advertising FOR FREE.


Three Years In A Row Alex Khrapov Was Invited To Speak And Train At The Most Prestigious Trainers’ Event In The World – ICE ATD

Would it be possible to build the second floor of your house when you do not have the first one? Surprisingly, this is exactly what majority of coaches are doing when they start their businesses. They ignore the fact that the business building process has very clear and precise steps and those steps are sequential so they need to be executed in particular order.

It is not a rocket science but if you ignore that simple knowledge you will end up trying cleaning your carpet using a vacuum cleaner which is not plugged into electricity. The first step would be to plug it in, the second is to flip the switch, right? …so when you build your business it is exactly the same, it is a sequence of predefined steps. Do not skip the steps. Period.

Founder of Headway Coaching Group, Alex Khrapov, is a certified coach (PCC, ICF) and certified Master Trainer (ATD). Born in Russia, Alex has lived and worked throughout his home country, in Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, Brazil and Spain. A scientist and highly disciplined learner at heart, Alex trained originally as a nuclear scientist and martial arts Olympian. Always self-employed, with 28 years of experience in business start ups he first learned about business by operating his own enterprises in retail, international trade and manufacturing before finding his true passion career in coaching and training. Since 2007, he’s been serving others in the coaching field and founded Headway Coaching Group dedicating his creative energy and business attention to transforming coaching practices into thriving businesses.


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